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It is not difficult to choose an adjusting bra and wear attractive “career line”

Adjustable underwear is adjusting function of the body underwear, which according to the principle of the movement of fat to design, can put on both sides to the middle fat concentration, together to form a good cleavage effect, here’s a look at what is the adjustable underwear and what is the classification.
It is not difficult to choose an adjusting bra and wear attractive “career line”
What’s an adjustable bra?
Adjusted underwear is a new type of underwear developed according to medicine, aesthetics, fat, ergonomics and professional underwear design. Adjustment is to adjust the body function, it is through the underwear version and fabric adjustment efforts to improve the body, such as delaying sagging, eliminating fat, faults, etc..
What’s the underwear like?
Adjustable underwear is designed according to the principle of the movement based on ordinary fat, bra, more lateral than the width of a heart-shaped width, increase the armpit, accessory etc. function, and the U type back clipping can prevent strap slipping. Because adjusted underwear is designed according to the principle that the fat can flow, so the effect of adjusting underwear depends on the amount of fat and less on your body. The more fat, the more obvious the effect is. Adjustable underwear is essentially the side to the middle fat concentration, together to form a good cleavage effect.
It is not difficult to choose an adjusting bra and wear attractive “career line”
Adjusted classification of underwear:

选对调整型文胸 穿出迷人“事业线”不难
Adjustable underwear, also known as heavy functional underwear, is the principle of transposition through the fat to create a graceful posture, divided into the following:
1. adjustable bra: used to modify the chest curve, prevent breast foreign expansion, sagging, chest plump, charming cleavage.
2. waist (i.e. waist): waist high waist position control of Korah, stomach, abdominal fat accumulation, create beautiful waist curve.
3. Pants: used to raise and create a rounded buttocks shape, and can inhibit the abdomen prominent, long pants and tight flabby thighs, buttocks and thighs of the modified curve.
4., chest, abdomen, three in one long underwear: this underwear can adjust the chest, waist and abdomen curve, wear a good stability, not easy to loose.
5.: underwear from the chest to the buttocks one-piece package, in addition to various parts of sculpture curve can also prevent kyphosis, posture correction.
Material: adjusting underwear mainly emphasizes wearing comfort, elasticity and bundle, and the requirement of beauty is not high. The advantages of using elastic lace, fabric made of a new generation of adjustable underwear is breathable, lightweight, the underwear binding is distributed evenly and reduce cellulite side effects to be squeezed by roving.
Style: adjust underwear pay attention to tolerance, bra with 1/2 hoods and 3/4 cover rare, and the whole cup is more
It is not difficult to choose an adjusting bra and wear attractive “career line”
What’s the price of the adjusted underwear?
Adjusted underwear because of different brands, fabrics and design, the price is not the same, generally around 200 yuan and above, a good point is about 500, about 1000 yuan brand also has a lot.

Quality underwear wholesale manufacturers teach you how to buy underwear?

Quality underwear wholesale manufacturers teach you how to buy underwear?
Buy underwear, we must first understand the types of underwear, underwear currently on the market mainly in the following categories:

1, full coverage of the largest, inclusive cup circumference: comprehensive, can maintain stable sound, comfortable, natural breast, breast plump and tender for the people. Favored by pregnant women, lactating women and older women.
2, 3/4 cup breast circumference: wrap 3/4 area with oblique cut, emphasize the lateral pressure and the concentrated force, bearing uniform, sexy show cleavage, suitable for anyone wearing.
3, 1/2 cup breast wrapped Wai: about half of the area, mostly off with Wai, has uniform supporting force, due to unconstrained front, make the chest look more rounded, suitable for a small person wearing feminine chest.
A radish, a pit, understanding of the types of underwear, but also need to understand their chest type, in order to buy the right underwear.
1, disc type
Choose lingerie: choose a 1/2 cup or a bra with a side pad so as to push your breasts inward and increase your chest fullness.
2, conical
Choose underwear wearing: choose 3/4 cup bra, can effectively foil the breast. If you want more fullness, choose a bra with a side pad.
3, hemisphere type
Choose underwear wearing: choose 3/4 and full cup, avoid 1/2 cup, choose side to broaden the bra, to prevent breast prolapse.
4 spindle type
Choose underwear wearing: choose inclusive 3/4 cup or full cup, to prevent breast sagging.
5, drop type
Choose underwear wear: choose 3/4 cup, shoulder strap width and steel ring, good support, chest will be a good support.
As the clothing that clings to the skin, the quality of underwear is directly related to the health of women. Female breast diseases and skin diseases are closely related to wearing unhealthy underwear. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high quality middle and high end underwear!

Although not good genes, but to learn to pick good underwear

1. Before starting the measurement, wear a comfortable, fit and no thicker cup of Bra. ]
The tightness of Bra just the right flanking loose and easy to shift or too tight and cut into meat on both sides of the body are not capable of optimal length is fixed on the breast; elbow and shoulder straps of the middle position is.
PS: of course, you can also measure naked, but it’s a little difficult to measure when you’re measuring alone.
[2] chest measurements]
Standing in front of the mirror, with the tape to measure the most close to the breast chest circumference, are you wearing Bra when it is the lower edge of the position. The tape measure fitting body is good, not too tight around. Then write down the measured figures.
Matters needing attention:
The A. mirror is to ensure that the tape in measurement and parallel to the ground, and the ground is if a certain angle and the measured results, it is not necessarily accurate.
B. measurements do not put tape collection too tight, as long as close and comfortable around can be measured.
C. if the measurement result is not an integer (such as 72.3cm), it goes directly to the next integer (73cm).
D.Bra’s lower bust size is 5cm one jump. If you measure the results between the two, then try the two sizes before and after. For example, measured out is 73cm, then the lower chest circumference, 70cm and 75cm two sizes are tried.
[3, measuring chest circumference]
The tape back from the fixed forward measurement, height and BP points remain the same, and in the measurement after BP. Write down the measured data.
Matters needing attention:
A. because the size of the cup varies with hormonal changes in the size of the chest, for example, when some girls swell breasts before or after their aunt comes, then this is a good time to measure your chest circumference.
B. If your chest is drooping and you want to have a naked measurement, bend over 90 degrees and keep this position to measure it.

C. is the same measurement as the bust, measured as close as possible but not squeezed.
The number measured by D., if it is a decimal number, is also ascending into an integer.
E. ensures that when measuring tape and parallel to the ground, if bent to 90 degree measurement, it must ensure that the perpendicular to the ground to see.
F. every girl has more or less the size of the chest, so when measuring chest size, with the “big room” as the standard.
[4, determine the size of cups]
Very simple, bust – Bust = size of cup.
– under the 7.5cm=AA cup
– under the 10cm=A cup
– under the 12.5cm=B cup
– under the 15cm=C cup
– under the 7.5cm=D cup
Top down > 17.5cm=E+ cup
Matters needing attention:
Different companies have different standards for too small AA cups and too large E+ cups. Before you buy, you should consult a customer service or buy your own size list according to your actual size.

To avoid embarrassment, choose what kind of underwear is good

Women who love themselves no longer win the favor of men by dressing themselves. They have learned to please themselves. Dressed up, confidently out of the house, but in the street mirror to find decent dress, exposing indecent details, specific circumstances, little Sydney continue to discuss with you
Ou Shi Yu
“1”: 01 embarrassed the underwear in the process of gradually move up.
During a small college roommate is a careless girl, love sports, in the stadium or not to stick at trifles, People are hurrying to and fro. classroom, can often see her T-shirt bras across self-assured or supercilious pull down……
The cause of this problem is nothing but two: the bra bottom is too loose, grasping force is not enough, gently move will move upward; the SIZE is wrong, the package chest is not very good, like floating on the water can easily slip away the duckweed.
To avoid embarrassment, choose what kind of underwear is good

Embarrassed 02 “2”: bra along the open space.
Most of the girls who like the easy money YY are just two extremes. The chest is too small or too big. I think the external loose, internal requirements can be less demanding. But one day, on a bus, a passenger held up the ring and put it down when he was ready to get off. The loose T-shirt was actually in the shape of an arc and stuck in the chest……
When underwear SIZE choose too big, or underwear wear time is too long, make its deformation become bigger, can cause underwear not close personal appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to choose size and regular replacement of underwear.
To avoid embarrassment, choose what kind of underwear is good
“3”: 03 embarrassed bra chest along too.
A friend loves the YY that shows her figure and shows her femininity. One day, she wore a new, slightly tight dress to attend the sisters’ party, and everyone exclaimed, “you’ve been cut in the chest?” She gave the answer: seamless underwear! May look down, speechless……
Yes, it is still the choice of SIZE, although now the pursuit of traceless underwear bring beautiful results, but to dress beautiful, but also can not ignore the chest, it really needs the right size. Remember, you make it sick, it can make you embarrassed.
To avoid embarrassment, choose what kind of underwear is good
Embarrassed 04 “4”: the straps often fall.
In the summer, short sleeved under the dress, the straps from slipping out of the cuff fell around my arms and somewhat fengchennvlang charm, wrapped up in the winter, the straps fell more for your actions do not feel comfortable, moreover, overlay, more clothes how, how fast the straps back in situ……
The choice of bra and shoulder shape is closely related, although the size of the cup, the effect of passing is a first-class bar, but if you ignore the shoulder type factors, then the daily wear, then you can have a busy. In particular, Xiaojian girl, must choose the shoulder adduction bra, can be very good to avoid such trouble.
To avoid embarrassment, choose what kind of underwear is good
The above problems, Europe poetry rain can help you solve oh. If you like it, please come and have a look!

Girls’ underwear brands, these high value brands satisfy your young girl’s heart

The bra is a woman’s intimate partner, whether you are a delicate, pure and simple, or charming, unrestrained, sexy bra cannot do without personal care. But girls’ underwear is special, because girls are at the stage of physical development, so the choice of lingerie styles and styles does not mix with adult women. So, what are the brands of teenage underwear? What about the 20 year old girl’s underwear brand?
Love – Aimer

少女内衣裤品牌 这些高颜值品牌满足你的少女心
NO.1 body pops
A lingerie brand under ELAND, born for fashionable and interesting young women. The quality is good, it feels comfortable to wear, and the style is beautiful. Moderate price. Cute and playful is always the theme. Fabrics tend to be comfortable, soft, and relatively simple in style, but more exaggerated in color. There are counters in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi’an and Wuhan. Another feature of the family is its emphasis on coordination with the coat. Feel underwear look a little tacky, bold color will be very Chic!
Girls’ underwear brands, these high value brands satisfy your young girl’s heart
NO.2 loves beauty
Love beauty is the girl of love, at moderate prices. The quality is good. Love of its youngest brand, the target group is 18~25 years old sister, style is lovely and unassuming, bold color is the most prominent feature of its home. Although there are some sexy elements, but the whole is healthy, young girls do not feel sexy. Their home is best at the sexy cute wind ~ even without steel ring underwear, the most popular is the small underwear, have to do so young girl… Often so hi skin color, not self-confident lively sister, estimated hold not live ~!
Girls’ underwear brands, these high value brands satisfy your young girl’s heart
NO.3 Sloggi
The latest spokesperson for this year is Tang Yan. The brand is taking the natural, pure, comfortable and simple route, it was revealed in each Sloggi works. The time of the sale can be divided into three series: basic all-match, fashion, vitality of small pants

It’s better to wear suspenders and underwear in the summer

Summer, a lot of more skinny sister preference sling outfit, but let the sisters are troubled, is how to hide underwear straps, avoid embarrassment? The following Xiaobian teach you to wear suspenders, with the following underwear, avoid embarrassment. Let’s take a look at it
Chest paste
This is the most trouble free, especially frivolous, with no underwear as special ease, but there is also a disadvantage, not suitable for large breasts of girls, or sagging feeling more serious. Commonly used non-woven fabrics, silicone, lace material, to see what kind of their own.
It’s better to wear suspenders and underwear in the summer
New Bra

Can not see the strap marks, also is not a vacuum, so they are invisible underwear. In fact, only need a Nubra, you can also easily stealth underwear. In fact, the summer do not hope to transparent shoulder straps. The transparent shoulder straps are not transparent and reflective and embarrassing. Nubra can not only solve the problem of shoulder straps.
It can also be easily handled for a shoulder.
Back design with Nubra also can live hold.
undergarment covering the chest and abdomen
Bra can also be seen as a strapless underwear, it has the advantages of cheap, practical, and the upper part of the body is very tight never fall. The disadvantage is that there is no interference effect, but it is especially suitable for suspenders.
Bralette is not the underwear and bra steel ring. Very comfortable, fabrics are generally divided into lace and satin. The straps are very thin and light in style, very suitable for wear in the summer.
Bralette lace texture is very beautiful, even if the edge is not embarrassing leakage, but because of the beauty of underwear plus points. The difficulty is to choose the right color, the color of a good, out of hierarchy.
When paired with a string, the thin shoulder straps are leaking. It’s also a good choice to buy good underwear and show it directly. This way, but also pay attention to a point, with the appropriate clavicle chain, especially with the deep V single products. Like these, that’s good.

13 years old wear what underwear, good-looking girl underwear styles

Small may have forgotten what kind of girlish face, SNSD is awkward, because the chest may cause less confident, but what may not small chest, chest development would be particularly awkward, and become hunched, but now the mother all education is very good, but the development of will the correct treatment, will not use the hunchback to come up with their own breasts.
Some girls’ underwear are relatively low-key, it can be said is not particularly good-looking, for now the girls, can not meet their sense of fashion, so today Xiaobian to recommend one or two good-looking girls’ underwear styles for you.
13 years old wear what underwear, good-looking girl underwear styles

13岁穿什么内衣 好看的少女内衣款式
Of course, girls’ underwear to choose fresh sweet colors, and styles are not too complex, the pink girls underwear style lace modified perfect show girl’s temperament, not necessarily version of pure color to reflect the girls’ underwear, comfortable at the same time also need stylish oh.
13 years old wear what underwear, good-looking girl underwear styles
Girls’ underwear has no need to choose the brand underwear shop to choose, there will be girls’ underwear style we ordinary shops, compare the version of girls’ underwear and simple design, is not pure color, such as the maxmara elements modification, black and white or pink and white stitching, not only is the girls’ underwear the series, color girl.

What kind of lingerie do you need for a romantic evening?

Tanabata will come soon, I believe the girls have a boyfriend planning a good day’s trip. Tanabata romantic dating, you need to dress in addition to the United States and the United States, but do not ignore the choice of underwear oh. Imagine the depths of love, he saw the underwear aunt section, and suddenly what kind of tenderness has gone to smoke, you want to leave a regret for your Tanabata? What kind of lingerie do you need on such a lovely evening?
What kind of lingerie do you need for a romantic evening?
What kind of lingerie do you need for a romantic evening?
What kind of lingerie do you need for a romantic evening?
Try this black lingerie. Black is always a symbol of sexy charm. Wearing black underwear not only makes your skin look more white, but also more enchanting. This underwear style is very fashionable, is similar to bra shape, feel more youthful, but this underwear have a matching collar design, combined with the reality is full of temptation, of course, the decoration is removable, if you cannot hold style so enchanting, also can choose not only underwear. Decoration. Matching underwear is translucent lace design, sexy very much, you know, wearing a set of lingerie more feminine, but also show women’s own charm.
What kind of lingerie do you need for a romantic evening?
What kind of lingerie do you need for a romantic evening?
What kind of lingerie do you need for a romantic evening?
If you do not want to do night elf, want pure temptation, then you can choose pure white underwear. White always can let a person have a kind of pure and immaculate feeling, wear not to feel the mood that gives pity very unconsciously. The white underwear is just simple white, but very delicate style design, lace pattern outline is very beautiful, very small woman feeling, give a person to enjoy a glance. The design of the underwear is youth, cross straps make the whole underwear have a delicate temptation is very sultry, it can be said that this is a typical pure underwear temptation to reflect, if you want to lure him purely, may wish to choose this oh.
Beautiful underwear has been prepared for everyone, and now we are waiting for a romantic Tanabata to come.

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